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Keratin, hair building fibers

Price: 27.92 € + 21% VAT
TOTAL: 33.78

Hair building fibers. Make baldness disappear within seconds.

KERATIN is an immediate solution to make baldness disappear within seconds. A head full of hair fast and with a natural look.

These natural microfibers are made of organic keratin protein. The same protein hair is made of. KERATIN microfibers are charged with static electricity, so they bond and intertwine naturally with your existing hairs, creating volume and a total coverage with a perfect result all day and night.

Available in 3 formats:
  • 2,5 grs bottle for 8 applications
  • 12,5 grs bottle for 40 applications
  • 25 grs bottle for 80 applications

KERATIN is available in 10 different colours that can be easily combined to match any hair colour, even highlighted or salt & pepper hair. A perfect and very natural result.

It is not a spray, cream or cover-up. KERATIN is resistant to rain, wind or transpiration when followed by the application of the MIST fiberhold spray. Can't stain, run or smear. It is undetectable from your own hair, even from few cms away.



The end result is perfect and very natural. KERATIN will easily go away when showering. It does not block scalp pores. Indicated for its daily use in men & women regardless of the hair type: long or short, straight or curly, dyed or natural. KERATIN is not working on areas with no hair.

Recommended by doctors from all over the world, KERATIN and MIST are compatible with any hair loss treatment as
THE COSMETIC REPUBLIC hair loss laser treatment. KERATIN and MIST are 100% guaranteed.